Grief counselling

Grief counselling starts at the time of diagnosis, because the news of the child having a terminal illness shakes up the family system. The values and roles of the affected family members change, people experience extreme emotional ups and downs, which affect their life together. What is important here is to give all members of the family the space, time and appreciation for their individual grieving process and to make sure that people can express themselves without being judged.


We offer personal grief counselling that helps the affected families cope with their changed lives after the loss of their child. At the Sternenbrücke, family therapists, grief counsellors, trained nurses and the hospice management are always by the side of the affected family, both during their respite care stays and during the final stage of the lives of the sick young guests. They all help us walk a common path from the moment we are contacted until the final stage in the life of the affected child. Furthermore, our Garden of Memory gives "our" orphaned families a place where they can remember their deceased children long after their loss.

Regular services for "our" families:

  • Regular conversations with parents during their respite care stays at the Sternenbrücke.
  • Twice yearly meetings for orphaned families.
  • The Rainbow Club, where the siblings can talk to children of the same age about their feelings and fears under the caring guidance of our grief counsellors.
  • Experience Days for orphaned siblings, which they spend with people of the same age and our grief counsellors.
  • A monthly Grief Café for parents whose child died in our hospice. 
  • A separate Grief Café for grandparents whose grandchild died in our hospice, which takes place once a year.
  • The annual Day of Remembrance, to which "our" families are invited to the Sternenbrücke to commemorate their deceased children.

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