Celebrity supporters

Celebrity supporters help us on our way with dedication and a big heart. We extend our warmest thanks to them for thinking of the Sternenbrücke and "our" families; with their help we can continue to make the public aware of the work of children's hospices.

Alex Avenell

We thank the musical singer with all our heart for having been by our side for many years. She supported us with performances on our "Day of Remembrance" for the orphaned families and by raising funds for the Sternenbrücke.

Hugo Egon Balder

The actor and presenter regularly supports us by donating the proceeds from many game shows. These public appearances also help make the public aware of the work of the Sternenbrücke.

Volkan Baydar

The Orange Blue singer has been putting his heart, soul and musical talent into supporting our hospice for a long time. Young and old love his performances on our Open Days.

Nina Bott

"The loving care and support provided by the Sternenbrücke brings immense joy to the affected families. How nice that this wonderful place exists."

Lisa Bund

"I was deeply touched by a report about the Sternenbrücke and I knew from the first moment that I feel a connection to it, because they work with so much love."

Leonore Capell

The actress has been supporting our work with some wonderful campaigns. We thank her for her for creative fundraising ideas, such as the sale of designer watches for our benefit.

Isabel Edvardsson

The dancer donates prize money from game shows, thus helping us to continue to raise awareness for the Sternenbrücke.

Yasmina Filali

"Dear Sternenbrücke team, I have been watching your strong hands hold children, support parents, build houses and paint eternal cots for eleven years. But most of all I love your big heart!"

Thomas Heinze

As one of our supporters since the early days, the actor has become very dear to our hearts. We particularly remember him as the Sternenbrücke ambassador wearing angel wings on the Day of the Angel in 2005.

Thomas Helmer

"I have been lucky enough to be part of many teams, but none of them were as caring as the Sternenbrücke team. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be a small part of such a great team that never gives up."

Steffen Henssler

In his TV show "Grill den Henssler" the TV chef regularly cooks up donations for the Sternenbrücke. We thank him for his trust and we are delighted for the public support we receive.

Lotto King Karl

The singer has made us and many of "our" families very happy with his performance. We also thank him from the bottom of our hearts for auctioning his guitar and donating the proceeds to the hospice.

Volker Lechtenbrink

"I am proud to have been part of it from the very beginning! And I want to continue being part of it."

Udo Lindenberg

"I am by your side with all my heart – may you and your great kids and loving parents leap from one shooting star to the next with great joy. I take my hat off to you."

Peter Maffay

We are delighted about his commitment to us as part of the Peter Maffay foundation, and we thank the singer for his support in raising awareness for our work at the Sternenbrücke.

Markus Majowski

The actor has been campaigning for us with wonderful readings for a long time. We especially remember his children's nook "Modjo und Mütze", from which he read to "our" families at the Sternenbrücke.

Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt

"Through the movie ‚Blaubeerblau‘, which I produced, I became aware of the hospice movement. Since then I support the Sternenbrücke with all my heart."

Marlies & Christian Möller

"We very much appreciate that families with sick children can say goodbye in a peaceful environment and with the support of qualified staff. At least this way the pain is shared."

Thies Möller

Chef Thies Möller has often cooked on our Open Days and treated young and old to the most delicious culinary delights.

Ina Müller

To our delight, the singer donated the prize she and her quiz partner Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt won on the quiz show Star Quiz to the hospice.


The singers have been among our most staunch supporters for a long time: our little guests always return from the wonderful concerts the singers invite them to with a smile on their faces.

Dominique Siassia

"For me, human dignity and life itself are sacrosanct – I thank you for helping the children to experience the transition from life to death with dignity and together with their loved ones!"

Jürgen Vogel

"The Sternenbrücke does exceptionally important work that has to be supported. I am happy that it exists and that I am able to contribute to the support the children's hospice gives to the affected families."

Carlo von Thiedemann

"When I drive home after a visit to the Sternenbrücke I feel happier and enriched. This is because of the important work they do and the extraordinary people who work there. I thank you all for allowing me to be there."

Thekla Carola Wied

"I am deeply impressed by the love, patience and commitment the children at the Sternenbrücke are give so that they can experience moments of happiniess and the loving tenderness they experience there is overwhelming."

Judy Winter

The actress has been by our side from the beginning and has been supporting us with donations and personal visits.

Rolf Zuckowski

"At the Sternenbrücke time is given a new significance. Every minute and every hour counts and is precious. I felt that here, and it has given me a new perspective on what is important."

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